Our range of treatments will tempt you if you’ve never experienced beauty treatment before and thrill the most seasoned of visitors! Treatments are expertly carried out by warm, friendly and professional therapists.

Please see our Treatment Guide for prices and further information about our treatments and services. Or call into the salon and speak with us directly!

Decleor Aromatherapy Facials & Body Treatments

Welcome to the world of Decleor the leaders in Aromatherapy . They have the most comprehensive regime based solely on the finest essential oils and the purest natural plant extracts. Every complete aromatherapy facial treatment begins with a back diagnostic massage which induces a feeling of total relaxation. This is ideal for first timers, the comfort and smells of the oils relax you before we have even started the treatments. Always we start with a consultation to find out priorities of what you want from your visit and finish with home-care advice so you can follow at home the results that you will get. Decleor is an all round amazingly  beautiful product, the power of the oils and texture of the creams are outstanding. Plus the packaging on the retail products is so stylish you’ll want them all on your bathroom shelf!!!

Caci Facials

Non surgical Face Lifts and skin rejuvenated skin treatments endorsed by celebrities with amazing results. Consultations are a must before any session. Excellent one off results or for longer lasting results on the tone and texture of the skin, sessions need to be 3 times per week for at least 15 sessions. Eye lifts, jowl lift, full face lifts, skin and pore cleanse – ideal for younger congested skins.


Founder of Cosmeceuticals Dr Patrick Bowler developed VITAGE in 1998, designed by doctors for doctors. This is an aesthetic medical ‘antioxidant’ range which repairs, restructures and protects the skin. For all skin types from sun damaged and pigmentation to normal and dry. Vitage offers an excellent preservative/anti-ageing range for home care and salon treatments.

Diamond Tome

MICRO-DERMABRASION is the ideal way to smooth and polish your way to perfection! Using diamond tipped wands, this gentle treatment deeply exfoliates the skin improving circulation/absorption of other treatments or products. Ideal for scarring, fine lines/wrinkles, open pores, blackheads, sun damaged skins, pigmentation and general maintenance for all skin types. Excellent to add before any other facial allow an extra 15mins to your facial time.

 EA Pro Facials

Elizabeth Arden Pro is the Anti-Ageing Authority, this is the most innovative source of anti-aging science and proprietary patented technologies for the professional skin care market worldwide. Providing beauty professionals with unparalleled treatments and anti-aging regimes, to experience a whole new level of skin rejuvenation beyond traditional cosmeceuticals. This is the next level for clients who demand high end anti-ageing treatments, very detailed home-care routines need to be followed and understanding of what we are doing to your skin is extremely important. The results speak for themselves, we have been blown away with the effects that these ranges have had on clients skins, as therapists we are all enjoying the results personally as well as professionally

Light Fusion – Leaders in light therapy

Harnessing pure safe light from the visual light spectrum to penetrate the skins surface to improve all skin types. FDA approved and has over 10 years medical heritage still being used to treat some skin cancers by dermatologists and cosmetic doctors. The light is emitted via LED’s which shower the skin with light, no trauma, no heat, no irritation and no UV. Immediate results with  treatments, ideal combination with a Diamond tome treatment and/or any other facial that we offer. Amazing long lasting results for the face, try one you’ll see the difference immediately.

Decleor Body Massage & Treatments

Using Decleor aromatherapy oils and creams we custom build every massage for individuals needs, 1/2 hour massage, exfoliating or a full body massage we will endeavor to give you such a relaxing time. Decleor body treatments focus on 4 main themes: RELAX – for those in need of de-stressing, pampering and calming, FLOW – increases the circulation, relax & soothe tired, aching muscles & revitalise heavy legs, DETOX – the ultimate latest range of products and treatments to trigger the body into elimination of fatty deposits, excess fluids and improving the skins appearance and texture, TONIC – improves the appearance of slack skin tissue often caused by weight loss, ageing, sun exposure and after pregnancy. Plan your visit as you’ll probably want to go home for a sleep after!!!
Hydratherm massage is a unique water filled cushion that supports the body whilst you receive a wonderful therapeutic massage. Ideal for pregnant ladies or anyone suffering from neck and back problems. Once you try it you might never go back to conventional massage!!!!!

Tanning Treatments

We offer a range of St Tropez and Decleor tanning treatments. We use a spray method with St Tropez which gives a stronger colour than Decleor so take this into account when choosing. It’s not for the faint hearted as you stand in paper pants to be sprayed!! we make everyone feel as comfortable as possible and it is excellent for giving allover coverage. Decleor tan is massaged by hand allover the  body(more like having a full body massage!) it is a gentler colour than StTropez we will advise you on making your appointment what to wear and what pre prepping treatments to do before you come. We offer treatments to exfoliate and prepare your skin before applying tanning, leaving you positively glowing for any occasion. We also offer a face and body repairing after-sun treatments.

Sundeck…. this is our vertical sun bed. Advice will be given to how many minuets you can use it for. Using tanning equipment is a personal choice.

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Hair Removal

Sterex Electrolysis – progressive permanent  removal of unwanted hair treating each individual hair to eventually destroy its growth.

Waxing – temporary removal of unwanted hair using a tea tree cream wax designed to remove hair quickly and efficiently with the minimum of skin irritation.

Threading Hair Removal – this specialised, skilled treatment for eyebrow shaping creates clean lines, lifts eye shape and has limited skin reaction.

Eye Lash & Eyebrows

Nouveau Lash extensions transforms your lashes to give fuller and very natural looking lashes that can last for weeks.

LVL lashes stands for Length, Volume and Lift to your own natural lashes. This new technique lifts the lashes from the roots giving the impression of more length and opening up the eyes to create a wide eyed, younger look.

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting this is a great treatment to give definition to the hairs in this area can last for up to 4-6 weeks.

Eyelash perming gives you the ‘C’ curve back to the lash if yours grow straight, it opens the eye area and there is no need for using eyelash curlers after having those treatment can last for up to 3 months.

Strip lash application available for those clients who want to wear them but just can’t get them on!!!!! let us apply them for you only last for one day.

Hands, Nails & Feet

Jessica manicures and pedicures is all about the well being of the natural nail and has the ability to analyse and recognise nail type and treat each nail with specially formulated treatments.

Minx Nail Foils, these patterned foils are heated and stuck to your natural nail plate. Toes give the best results and last for 4-6 weeks. Very fashionable at the moment our best selling ones are the metallic foils and the wacky patterned ones, see in salon for our selection we offer.

Shellac offers a new hybrid nail varnish that is applied like a polish but wears like a gel. It is instantly dry, no chipping and is removed in less that 10 minutes with no buffing or damage to your natural nail. It is going down so well clients love it especially clients who’s varnish chip very quickly or are always in a rush they smudge.

Bio Sculpture gel overlays or extensions are for clients who want to add length and strength to their nails they come in various colours or french the choice is yours. They normally last for up to 2-3 weeks and require an infill or to be soaked off with a specialised product. Advice on what type of nail extenuation will be given to you when you book or come in to see us.

Make Up

We offer make up lessons and various make up treatments using Bare Escentuals – mineral make up so pure you can sleep in it! The mineral make up is made purely from crushed rocks, minerals and semi precious stones and is very popular with excellent basses and wide range of colours for you to choose from. We can add lash extensions to any makeup session if that’s the required look your after.

Hopi Ear Candles

Centuries old candling continues to be used as a soothing & relaxing treatment for the ears. A cylinder is gently placed in the ear & lit on the opposite end to create a slow vacuum. With no discomfort, old ear wax & noxious toxins are removed, helping to relieve pressure, wax build-up & inner ear blockages. Excellent before flying, allergy conditions, sinus suffers and even clients who are suffering from poor earring can achieve benefits from this treatment. We treat children as it’s excellent for ear wax congestion, pre treatment advice will be given and signed consent must be given prior to a treatment.

Ear Piercing

Pre-packed sterilised gold or silver plated studs in a selection of coloured stones and shapes. Minimum age 5 years old and all children under 16 must have a parent/guardian present. Signed consent will be required before treatment.

Princesses & Teens

Children aged 5-11 & teenagers 12-16 can too take advantage of the treatments that we have available bespoke to them and their ages. See our treatments guide for the treatments that we offer them.

Semi permanent Make up

We are lucky to be one of the chosen salons to host Janice from “Draw the Line Cosmetics” Her work is outstanding and we are very happy and confident to recommend her services for this treatment. Contact her directly or ring the salon for more information on her services.

Fillers & B-tox

Collagenics deliver this treatment for our clients who want to have this service, their expertise in this field is second to none and we have had repeat and happy clients who have taken advantage of this treatment. Clinics are held every month contact the salon and we can let you know the next available dates.

Packages & Pamper Parties

We have a selection of packages put together see our treatment guide, however if these don’t suit then we can bespoke packages for you please ask for more information. Pamper parties are ideal for Hen parties, Special Birthdays, Work night outs……… These occasions are bespoke for the individuals P.O.A and for more detail contact reception.