Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do for a tan and how long does it last?

Exfoliate and do any waxing or shaving the day before. You will wear paper pants for the tan and we would recommend you bring loose dark clothing to go home in. The tan will last for about 5-7 days if looked after correctly ie moisturise, pat skin dry after bath/shower. We would advise to have the tan 1-2 days before the special occasion.

How long does leg hair need to be for waxing?

Leg hair needs to be about 1cm long for waxing.

What is the difference between Gel overlays and tips and the difference between acrylic and gel & the difference between gel polish and nail polish

The difference between overlay and tips is gel is applied to the natural nail after a tip extension is  glued onto the nail to give the nail length. The difference between gel and acrylic nails is acrylic are less flexible and tend to damage the natural nail where gel nails are more natural, lighter and more flexible than acrylic. Difference between Gel polish and nail polish, there are now many versions of these products available now in salons. We use CND Shellac which is a hybrid nail polish, it’s stronger than polish and is set under a UV lamp and needs to be soaked off every two to three weeks. Also we have Jessica Geleration which is a soft gel, again applied like a polish set with UV and needs to be soaked off this product is stronger than shellac but softer than gel overlays. We always give advice before any application and find out from you which will be the best for you, there’s alot to choose from now.

What do you do in a facial?

Most of our facials include a relaxing back massage so you need to remove your clothing down to your pants. When you lie on the bed you are covered with a towel so you feel warm and cosy. Most facials routines include a cleanse, tone and exfoliate, massage and mask. If your not sure which facial you would like you can decide in the consultation with the therapist.

How many minutes can I use the sun bed for?

You can use the sun bed for a maximum of 10 minutes we recommend for your first session you go on for 4 minutes and build up from there. How quickly you build up will depend on skin tone.

Do I need my open toed sandals for a pedicure?

Not if you choose to have a gel polish as it’s dry immediately ,  yes you do need flip flops or open toed sandals to allow time for you toe polish to dry.

How long do eyelash extensions last for?

Eyelash extensions can last up to 8 weeks depending on how well you look after them. We recommend you come in every 4 weeks for infills.

How long will my eyebrow shape last for?

Your eyebrow shape should last about 3-4 weeks if you have threading they will last 4-6 weeks. HD Brows the girls recommend every 4 -6 weeks return visit.

What is the difference between a normal bikini, Brazilian and Hollywood waxing? What do I wear and do I need to trim?

  • A bikini wax is the hair removed outside you knicker line.
  • A Brazilian is a strip down the centre and all the hair underneath removed.
  • A Hollywood wax is all hair removed.
  • We will provide paper pants for you to wear and if the hair is long you will need to trim.

My face is very spotty and oily which facial would I choose.

A diamond tome micro dermabrasion would be a good start. As a salon we offer a free consultation service so you could come in for a consultation with one of our therapists so they could analysis your skin and advise the best treatment for you.

I have stretch mark on my tummy can I get rid of them?

Depending on the colour of them depending on the treatment. Usually silver stretch marks are untreatable, were as pink ones you would have a better chance.

What is the difference between a spray tan and a Decleor tan?

A spray tan is sprayed onto your body and gives a slightly darker colour than decleor which we rub into the skin and is slightly paler.

Will my nails be rubbish after having gels on or tips? How long a recovery?

When you have gel or tips the nail does go through a trauma and will possibly be slightly weaker. With good home care they should recover within about a month. We offer a treatment called IBX for healthier nails prior to a manicure or gel polishes, ask in salon for more details.

My skin is very dry which facial would I choose?

We would recommend a decleor facial for a dry skin. But again a complimentary consultation would be a good idea so we can see and analysis the skin to give you the best advice.

I have broken veins on my face can I get rid of them.

Yes we treat broken veins on the face. A consultation on the same day as treatment would be required.

I have in gowing hairs on my bikini line what can I do?

Exfoliation and moisturising between waxing treatments helps reduce in growing hairs. We also sell X-it after wax home care product which you use daily. It’s brilliant.

Do men have treatments? Which treatments would best suit them?

Yes we have a number of male clients who come in for a variety of treatments. For example Decleor mens facial, massage, waxing etc.

Why do I need a patch test for an eyelash tint, brow and HD

We test a small amount behind your ear to make sure you do not react to the tinting product. HD we have a patch test kit that you need to use 48 hrs before treatment.

I am 40 and my skin has broken out around my mouth and chin area in tiny red spots which are itchy. What can I do I have never had spots before?

We recommend you come in for free consultation so a therapist can look at your skin and advise a treatment. We also have some excellent home care products which you can purchase from reception to continue a good routine at home.

I have a corn do you get rid of them?

No but there is a local chiropodist and pediatrist in Bedale.

I have sensitive skin can I have diamond tome?

Yes you can have diamond tome it is suitable for all types of skin.

Which treatments would you recommend before I go on holiday and when should I have them.

Decleor Sunrise is a brilliant pre holiday treatment to prepare your skin, waxing manicure, pedicures and eyebrow and eyelash tinting are all very popular treatments for holidays. We would recommend to have treatment as close to your holidays as possible maybe 1-2 days before.

What treatments if any can I have when I’m pregnant?

Yes you can have most treatments. However we would recommend that for some treatments you are over 3 months pregnant because of certain oils we use. If you are concerned please ask at reception.

I am very shy and self conscious of my body what relaxing treatment can you recommend which does not show off to much of my body.

All our therapist are sensitive to clients modesty and would not make you feel uncomfortable.

Can I have a facial after botox?

We recommend leaving two weeks after your botox treatment before a facial. You can however have our Omnilux treatment which will optimise your botox treatment.

Do you have a late night?

We are open til 6pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays Fridays til 7pm. Sarurdays we close at 3pm.

I have lots of blackheads what can you recommend?

We have lots of products which cab help, our new AHA cleanser is great and the AHA facial peels are brilliant.

When is the best time to come in for a make-up trial?

We wouldn’t recommend you come in to far in advance, two weeks before the occasion is probable ideal.