An Essential Oils Shower Gel for Every Mood – Decléor UK

Decléor’s new bath & shower gels are the perfect addition for your bathroom, coming in 3 scents to suit your mood.

As an essential part of your daily routine, finding a shower gel that suits you each day is a great way to introduce you to the world of Decléor.  With Decléor’s focus as an Essential Oils skincare brand, each shower gel is 98% natural origin and contains powerful Essential Oils.

Whether you want to relax after a long day or wake up feeling fresh, the new Decléor range has a scent to suit you, with our collection of Relaxing Lavender, Energising Neroli and Soothing Rose. With a luxurious texture your skin feeling hydrated, soothed, cleansed and comforted, whilst protecting the skin’s natural barrier.

The shower gels are tested on all skin types and are all suitable for those suffering from sensitive skin.


The Neroli Shower Gel’s key ingredient is the Neroli Essential Oil, a highly sought after ingredient sourced from Orange Tree in the climate of the Mediterranean and Africa. The formula’s key focus is hydration, leaving you feeling energised and your skin feeling soft and nourished. Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, Neroli Shower Gel is the ultimate cleanser.


The Lavender Shower Gel’s key ingredient is the Lavender Essential Oil. Sourced from France, this is the perfect scent to leave you feeling relaxed and calm after a busy day, or whether you just want a bit of you time to yourself. Lavender Essential Oil is also rich in anti-oxidants. Choose this shower gel for its relaxing and tonifying properties.


Rose Shower Gel’s key ingredient is Rose Essential Oil. This is sourced from Bulgaria, Turkey and Iran and is the perfect scent to keep you soothed and calm. Rose Essential Oil has deeply nourishing properties, so choose this shower gel for its soothing properties.

With Energising Neroli, Relaxing Lavender or Soothing Rose, the foaming shower gels will leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft. Pick the one which best suits you, or try them all and start to build your Decléor shower gel wardrobe so you can reach for the perfect shower gel, whatever your mood

This is the latest massage technique to be launched by Decleor using their latest Cica Balm Bamboo Massage uses specialized technique using silky bamboo canes throughout to deeply stretch and massage the body. This unique massage releases muscle tension and tightness, has a regenerating and revitalizing effect and leaves the body feeling deeply relaxed. Overall flexibility, balance and inner well-being are improved with specific reflexology points being activated. The skin is left feeling silky and smooth. This treatment works well especially for runners and cyclists experiencing tightness in their legs, feet and IT band. It is also of great benefit to anyone suffering from shortened muscles due to postural imbalances.