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Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tags (fibro-vascular papilloma) are small soft growths that extend off the skin made up of excess collagen fibres from a few millimetres up to 4cm wide, found commonly around the neck, under arms, around the groin and under the breast area. Common in both men and women and there’s no explanation for why some people suffer from Skin Tags. We use the Sterex machine and our advanced electrologists Donna & Lisa use Diathermy to remove the excess tissue of the tags. The tags are either removed completely during the treatment or shrivel up and drop off in a matter of days post-treatment. Consultations are required prior to treatment, please call to discuss. 

Treatment Cost
Skin Tag Removal From £65

Red Vein Removal

Facial Thread Veins are small red broken veins and blood vessels which are trapped in the outermost layer of the skin, these thread veins are no longer connected to the circulatory system, and sit visible mainly on the cheek area and around the nose. Our advanced electrologists Donna & Lisa use the Sterex machine which produces short-wave diathermy to dry up and remove these veins.  Consultation is required to discuss this treatment before service. We don’t recommend this service before any sun exposure or imminent special event. Skin is required to heal after treatment so planning is essential. 

Treatment Cost
Red Vein Removal From £65

Hopi Ear Candles

Centuries old candling continues to be used as a soothing & relaxing treatment for the ears. With no discomfort old ear wax & noxious toxins are removed, helping to relieve pressure, wax build up & inner ear blockage, leaving you feeling clear and decongested. Recommend that prior to the treatment you use softly warmed olive oil drops to aid lubrication one week prior to the treatment. 

Treatment Cost
Hopi Ear Candles £33

Caflon Ear Piercing

System pre-packed sterilised studs for lower lobe piercing. Age restriction of over 5 years old and children under 16 must be accompanied with a parent or guardian. We have a large selection of studs available to choose from and price includes a bottle of after care solution for you to take home. Studs need to be left in for minimum of 6 weeks before changing into fashion earrings. * PLEASE NOTE Appointment will be charged in FULL if the child changes their mind or only allows one side. Please make children aware that ear piercing does hurt, albeit very quick, the system is quick and we reassure the most nervous of children ( and sometimes adults ) that its over and done before they have had time to over think it. Unsure then please call in and talk any issues through with us. 

Treatment Cost
Caflon Ear Piercing £35

Fillers & B-Tox

Clinics sessions for lip fillers, B-Tox, dermal fillers and more by Elite Aesthetics. Services are independent of Bedale Beauty please ask for more details.

June Halladay Elite Aesthetics – We have worked with June from Elite Aesthetics since 2007. June is an RGN INP with over 30 years NHS experience and 20 years in Aesthetic Industry. June offers clients a very discreet service for all fillers and B-Tox.  Please contact June direct and Reference Bedale Beauty OR call 07872907636

Semi Permanent Makeup

Clinics for Semi permanent make up by Draw the Line Cosmetics. Services are independent of Bedale Beauty please ask for more details.

Janice Weston –

Gone are the days of having to pencil in your eyebrows, trying to get that eyeliner straight and having to re-apply your lip liner. With the use of permanent cosmetics and the microblading methods, I can free you of these daily, time consuming and often frustrating applications in your daily routine. If this sounds all too familiar – Draw The Line Permanent Cosmetics really do have the solution.

Draw the line cosmetics – Visit her website here

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Fabulous as always!


Highly recommend Bedale Beauty,
A Great Team, outstanding customer service,
Treatments are excellent…❤️
I will be back…!!!


Lisa is the very best therapist that I have ever met and I have met a great many, and Bedale Beauty Salon is an excellent Salon..


Always a pleasure, very helpful and takes pride in what she does.


Sophie was excellent, friendly and professional. This was my first visit to the salon and all staff were very friendly and welcoming. I will certainly book again and recommend to my family and friends.


It was like a warm hug from start to finish!


I look forward to my pamper session with Donna, always so in tune with what I need and I walk away feeling refreshed, devitalised, few inches taller and so relaxed. Her knowledge about the body and skin etc is equally fantastic and I love our chats 💞, the world needs Donna in a tonic I say.

The reception staff are always so helpful and polite and ready to return to work with their set of keys at a drop of a hat 😂.

My favourite Monday of a month. Thank you so much xx


Lovely pedicure with gel finish.
Lisa was professional and friendly.


Nicole was very professional & the massage was just perfect, just what I needed. Kate at reception was great too.


Great communication and clearly explained everything.


It was lovely to catch up with Katrina again. She gave me a lovely pedicure, very relaxing. My gel manicure was lovely and I left very happy with my holiday nails.