At the core of EVY technology is a unique formula that can be used in cosmetic applications, such as sunscreens. It is medically classified for skincare to prevent skin problems. EVY forms an invisible, protective membrane that enhances your skin’s natural defences. The mousse spreads throughout the top layer of your skin, rather than staying on the surface. EVY protects your face and body in every situation from dry, cold mountain air to dehydrating salt water, from strong sun to urban air pollution. Its effect goes further as it remains in the skin for a longer time and won’t rinse or rub off due to water or other external stresses. EVY is a Swedish patented technology made in Sweden.


The formula doesn’t only protect the skin, it also carries active ingredients further into the skin layer and protects them from oxidation. This makes the active ingredients, such as sun filters and antioxidants, extra long-lasting, while still being gentle on the skin. EVY products can therefore be used as a booster when used on top of other active skincare products, if the formula allows.

Unique benefits

When it comes to sun care, EVY’s benefits are very clear:

1. The light mousse penetrates the top skin layer, making it easier to use the recommended amount compared to creams or sprays.
2. The easily absorbed mousse doesn’t wash off due to swimming, sweating or light towel drying.
3. Absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any residue. Doesn’t clog pores, and allows the skin to sweat and breathe normally.
4. Strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier and protects it against dehydration and skin irritants such as chemicals, wind and water.
5. Optimal UVA protection over 90%. Stated on the bottle according to Boots Star Rating tests.
6. Extra mild and allergy-tested. Prevents and calms irritation.
7. EVY is smudge-free and non-greasy and can be used on the scalp and areas with body hair.

8. Its unique mousse formula produces twice the volume of standard lotions.